16–20 September 2019

Moscow, InterContinental

The Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week 2019

Technology Week incorporating 4th GTCC, 18th RPTC & 19th RRTC16–20 September 2019


Welcome to The Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week

The best established and most popular downstream technology event in the Russia & CIS Region.

With its renowned 'technically-strong' programmes, unrivalled access to major players in the Russian Downstream sector and the very best in networking opportunities; Moscow Refining and Petrochemicals Week is attracting loyal regular followers as well as new delegates each year.

Key issues such as Gas Monetisation, Development of Petrochemicals sector in Russia as well as the Modernisation of the Refining Sector will be addressed during Moscow Week’s three events: GTCC, RPTC & RRTC. The goal of Moscow week – providing delegates with the latest updates to help them have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that this region offers.

We look forward to welcoming you to Moscow Week where we will bring together major Gas Producers, Refiners and Petrochemical Producers with Licensors, Contractors, Equipment Suppliers, Consultants etc. to exchange ideas and opinions on critical market and technology issues and discuss of the road ahead for our industry.

NEW conference format means NEW opportunities!


This year for the first time we will provide you with a FIRST DAY SUMMARY! Made by our advisory board experts, this will give you the freedom to engage in business meetings without missing any important information during the conference.

RPTC participants are invited to this session for FREE!


  • 3 parallel areas with 4 presentations in each area
  • 10-minute presentations
  • you can mix & match areas to create your own most effective agenda

FOR THE FIRST TIME we will organise MEETINGS for you. You specify which industry representatives you want to meet with, and we will make it happen.

GTCC participants are invited to the 1st day of RPTC for FREE to listen to industry overview reports.

Organised in 2018 for the first time, the EXHIBITOR SHOW CASE is the most effective way to visit the exhibitor’s booths and exchange business cards.

The week offers:


of intensive networking


from technologing companies


from industry experts


for exhibiting companies

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4th Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals Conference

16–17 September 2019

GTCC – in a new format for 2019 – will focus on the different technology options in treating and converting Natural Gas (NG) into more valuable products – Chemicals, Petrochemicals & Fuels.

Leading industry experts will present best practices, share recent experience in implementing the latest technology developments for LNG, GTL, syngas, methanol, MTO, MTG among others, discuss alternative ways for NG Monetisation, as well as Gas Industry development forecasts in Russia & CIS.

Key Topics:

  • Overview of Global Gas Market: New Players, Trends & Forecasts
  • Russian NG Market: New Fields Discoveries, Export & Domestic Consumption, Associated Petroleum Gas, Specificities of Legislation & State Regulation
  • Natural Gas Monetization Routes:
    • Pipeline projects
    • New LNG units
    • Natural Gas conversion to chemical & petrochemical products
    • Associated Petroleum Gas rational utilization
  • Innovative Technologies: Market Development, Projects & Case Studies:
    • Gas Purification, Separation & Conversion of the Components
    • Syngas Generation
    • Ammonia, Urea & other Fertilizers Technologies
    • Methanol, DME, Formaldehyde
    • Synthetic Fuels: GTL & MTG Technologies
    • Olefins Technologies (MTO, MTP etc.)

RPTC is widely considered by Russia & CIS petrochemical companies and their partners to be the leading annual platform that addresses key technology challenges and market trends that impact the development of the petrochemical industry in region.

Companies come together to share experiences and discuss lessons learned. Leading industry experts will present best practices, share recent experience in implementing vital technological solutions for increasing margins at petrochemical plants in Russia & CIS and other countries based on real projects or shed light on the latest technological innovations in the industry.

Key Topics:

  • Overview and Outlook of the Petrochemical Industry & Markets: Global and in Russia & CIS
  • Major Projects in the Russia & CIS Petrochemical Industry. Challenges & Opportunities
  • Overview of Important International Projects and How they Would Impact the Market
  • Polyolefins Production: Technologies & Solutions, Feedstock Supply
  • Olefins Production: Innovative Technologies, Increasing Operational Margins, Modernization of Existing Units, Latest Catalysts Developments
  • Aromatics & Derivatives Production: Leading Technologies for Plants Modernisation, Production Plans and Market Impact, PTA and PET, phenol and styrene production
  • Producers Panel Session with Representatives of the Leading Russian & CIS Petrochemical Companies

Established in 2001, RRTC is the longest running and best supported downstream technology event in Russia & CIS.

The event brings together regional refiners and their international and local partners – licensors & contractors; catalyst and equipment manufacturers, services and solution providers and design institutes. The ‘cornerstone’ of RRTC – a very strong technical programme - providing Delegates with case studies of recent technology implementation, as well as ongoing and future projects whilst also focusing on the challenges & solutions for the oil refining industry in the region and internationally.

Key Topics:

  • Overview of the Global & Russia & CIS Refining Industry Developments & Market Trends
  • Clean Fuels Technologies:
    • Desulphurisation Technologies
    • Latest Performing Technologies & Catalysts
    • Implementing of Isomerization Technologies
    • Increasing the Capacity of Hydroprocessing Units
  • Base Oil & Lubes
  • Hydrogen Production Technologies
  • Catalysts with Improved Performance
  • Latest Developments in FCC Technologies. Recently Completed FCC Projects
  • Residue Upgrading Technologies
  • Environment Protection: Improving Refinery Operations to Meet Environment Protection Standards
  • Project Management: Masterplanning & Front-End Loading, Improved Project Management Systems. The Role of Russian Project Institutes projects in Planning Stage: Goals, Challenges, Development Strategies, Possible Integration with Existing Units

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